Teen Art Classes – Listen To Your Art – 2 Month Enrollment


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Ages 13-17
Class: 1.5 hour per week
$368.00 + GST / 8 classes
Art Supplies Included

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The art program for teens offers a structured and flexible approach to art education. Here are the key details of the program:

Program Description:

Target Age Group: The program is designed for teenagers, typically aged 13 to 17.

Enrollment Flexibility: Students have the option to enroll for a duration of 2 months at a time, with the flexibility to start at any time between September and June. This accommodates various scheduling needs and ensures students can join at a time that suits them.

Program Structure: Teens can choose a medium of their preference or follow a structured Progressive Development Program. This flexibility allows students to customize their art education based on their interests and artistic aspirations.

Progressive Development Program: For those who opt for the Progressive Development Program, classes begin with fundamental drawing techniques using a pencil and then progress through various mediums, including charcoal, soft pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. This progression builds a strong foundation in art.

Optional Mediums: In addition to the progressive program, students have the option to explore various art mediums, including pen and ink, colored pencil, conté, collage, mixed media, gouache, monoprints, and clay. This diversity encourages creativity and provides opportunities for teens to experiment with a wide range of artistic forms.

Class Duration: The standard class duration is 1.5 hours per week, allowing students to engage in creative activities and receive comprehensive instruction.

Cost: The program is priced at $358.10 plus applicable GST (Goods and Services Tax) for 2 months, (8 classes), offering a structured yet flexible and cost-effective approach to art education.

This teen art program is designed to accommodate a wide range of interests and learning preferences. Whether students opt for the structured Progressive Development Program or prefer to explore various mediums, the program nurtures creativity, skill development, and artistic expression. The 2-month enrollment option provides flexibility while maintaining a structured approach to art education.