Cartooning – Happy Hour Humour – 3 Month Enrollment


  • Register any time during the year for this course between September and June.
    Age 7 and Up
  • Class: 1 hour per week  $390 + GST / 3 months
  • Class: 2 hours per week  $549 + GST / 3 months

Art Supplies Included

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Cartooning – Happy Hour Humour – 3 Month Enrollment

Program Overview:

Description: Explore the world of cartooning and comics with our Happy Hour Humour cartooning classes. Open to individuals aged 7 and up, these classes offer an immersive experience to enhance drawing skills and create your very own cartoon characters.

Age Group: Participants aged 7 and up are welcome to join, ensuring a diverse and engaging learning environment for both kids and older individuals.

Enrollment Flexibility: The program allows for year-round registration, making it accessible between September and June, aligning with individual preferences and schedules.

Duration: The classes span 3 months, offering an extended learning experience for those who want to delve deeper into the art of cartooning.

Class Hours: You can choose between two class duration options:

  • 1 hour per week: Priced at $390.00 plus GST for the 3-month enrollment.
  • 2 hours per week: The extended 2-hour class option is available for $549.00 plus GST for the 3-month enrollment.

Art Supplies Included: The program includes art supplies, ensuring that students have the materials they need for their cartooning classes.

Instructor: Gerry Rasmussen, a syndicated cartoonist and co-creator of “Bub Slug” and “Betty” cartoons, serves as the instructor, offering expert guidance and cartooning techniques.

Skills Development: The classes focus on improving drawing skills and assisting students in the development and creation of their own cartoon characters.

These Happy Hour Humour cartooning classes provide an engaging and in-depth exploration of cartooning and comics for participants aged 7 and up. With flexible class duration options, year-round registration, and the guidance of Gerry Rasmussen, a seasoned cartoonist, students can take their cartooning skills to the next level and bring their creative characters to life. The inclusion of art supplies ensures that students have everything they need for a fulfilling cartooning journey.

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Monday 6 – 7 pm, Monday 7 – 8 pm, Monday 6 – 8 pm, Thursday 6 – 7 pm, Thursday 7 – 8 pm, Thursday 6 – 8 pm