Adult Art Classes – Find Your Passion – 1 Month Enrollment



Enroll anytime between September and June.
Class: 2 hours per week
$208.00 + GST / 4 classes

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The “Adult Art Classes – Find Your Passion” offer a one-month enrollment option, allowing adults to explore and develop their artistic interests. Here are the key details of this specific program:

Program Description:

Duration: The program offers a one-month enrollment option, providing participants with the opportunity to experience art classes for a shorter duration while they explore their artistic passions.

Enrollment Flexibility: Adults can enroll at any time between September and June, allowing for flexibility in choosing a start date that aligns with their schedule and interests.

Class Duration: Each class is 2 hours per week, providing students with adequate time for creative activities and guided instruction.

Cost: The program is priced at $208.00 plus applicable GST (Goods and Services Tax) for a package of 4 classes. This cost-effective structure is ideal for those looking for a shorter-term art education experience.

This program is designed for adults who want to explore their passion for art on a more short-term basis. The one-month enrollment option offers flexibility, allowing participants to engage in art classes during a specific month that suits their schedule. The cost-effective package of 4 classes provides an accessible way for adults to experience art classes without committing to a longer-term program

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Day and Time

Monday 1 – 3 pm, Tuesday 7 – 9 pm, Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm, Thursday 1 – 3 pm, Saturday 12 – 2 pm, Senior Discount