Cartooning – Happy Hour Humour – 5 Month Semester



Age 7 and up

1 hour per week / $675 + GST / semester (5 months) or

2 hours per week / $945 + GST / semester (5 months)
Art supplies included.

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Cartooning – Happy Hour Humour – 5 Month Semester

Program Overview:

Description: Join our Happy Hour Humour cartooning classes for an enriching journey into the world of cartoons and comics. These classes are open to individuals aged 7 and up and provide a comprehensive experience to enhance your drawing skills and unleash your creativity in crafting unique cartoon characters.

Age Group: The program is open to individuals aged 7 and up, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in the learning environment.

Duration: The program spans a 5-month semester, offering an extensive and structured approach to mastering the art of cartooning.

Class Options: Participants can choose between two class duration options:

  • 1 hour per week: Priced at $675.00 plus GST for the 5-month semester.
  • 2 hours per week: The extended 2-hour class option is available for $945.00 plus GST for the 5-month semester.

Art Supplies Included: Art supplies are provided as part of the program, ensuring that students have access to the materials they need for their cartooning classes.

Instructor: Gerry Rasmussen, a syndicated cartoonist and co-creator of “Bub Slug” and “Betty” cartoons, serves as the instructor, offering expert guidance and cartooning techniques.

Skills Development: The classes focus on improving drawing skills and guiding students in the creation and development of their own cartoon characters.

Classes are conducted between September and June, ensuring that students have ample opportunities throughout the year to engage in their cartooning education.



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Monday 6pm – 7pm, Monday 7 – 8 pm, Monday 6pm-8pm, Thursday 6pm-7pm, Thursday 7pm-8pm, Thursday 6pm-8pm