To acquire one of my unique artworks, follow these simple steps:

Browse the Collection: Explore my diverse collection of paintings below. Take your time to appreciate the range of styles, themes, and mediums.

Select Your Favorite: Choose the painting that resonates with you. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, so select the one that speaks to your aesthetic preferences.

Contact Me: Reach out via email at or call the studio at 780-460-1677. Whether you prefer email or a direct call, let me know the title or description of the artwork you wish to purchase.

Payment Options: We offer convenient and secure payment options. Details will be provided upon your inquiry. Please note that cheques are not a valid payment method.

Shipping and Handling: Once payment is confirmed, we’ll discuss shipping details. Your artwork will be carefully packaged and sent to your preferred address.

Certificate of Authenticity: Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring you receive an original piece of art.

Thank you for considering my artwork. I’m excited about the possibility of my creation finding a new home with you. Feel free to ask any questions or discuss your preferences during the process. Looking forward to assisting you in bringing art into your space!

Divided Essence Series


Marine Series

Fragmented Series

Equine Series


Van Gogh Series

Watercolor / Graphite Series

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