Terms of Service

Summer Camps
Payment is due upon registration and arrangement for payment must be made before the space for the student  will be held in the camp. Students must give one month notice to cancel a camp for a refund. A non-refundable deposit of $25 will be deducted from payment if the student cancels their camp. A full refund is offered by Pygmalion if the camp is cancelled.

Regular Classes
Students cannot begin classes until arrangement for payment has been made. No refund of first month’s payment is offered after registration. One-month notice to cancel classes must be given. If a full semester / year payment is made, no refunds will be given. Classes are non-transferable. A $20 fee will be added to any NSF cheques made out to the school. Art supplies and artwork must be picked up within one month of the last class or they become property of Pygmalion School of Fine Art. No classes will be held on Statutory Holidays, including long weekends unless otherwise stated. Make up classes are provided due to holidays or illness, but must be made up before the student’s last class.